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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trails were pretty empty today. Ruffers, Sputnik, Zoe, and Mamacita all enjoyed sniffing around in the damp, snow-spotted brush at every opportunity. Mamacita was grumpy about a couple delivery trucks that passed by the car just after we parked by the trails, but she was civil with the few humans we passed. The whole pack was on alert when we saw a buck lying down a short distance off the trail on our way up. Judging by the intensity of interest, I suspect a chase would have ensued if everyone wasn't still on leash.

Variety Pack

Zoe was way more into Rey today than yesterday. Rey was mostly focused on wrestling around with the bigger Zoey, but little Zoe enjoyed jumping all over Rey whenever she could find an in. Once we started our walk along Boulder Creek, Rey and Zoe took some time to settle down. They both wanted to veer off to the side of the path, but we eventually got some coordinated, forward movement going.

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