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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers was more responsive to Sputnik's attempts to play during our hike this morning, so the two of them had some fun chasing each other around. Meanwhile, little Zoe and Mamacita trekked through the tall grass, sniffing all along the way. Mamacita and Sputnik danced around each other playfully a couple times when Sputnik ran up to us, but Mamacita had to stay on leash and couldn't pursue him when he took off.

Variety Pack

Zoe has really taken a liking to Rey, and the two of them wrestled around in the back of the packmobile as we headed to the CU South Campus trails this afternoon. Rey spent the whole time lying down while little Zoe dove on top of her. When we got to the trails, Rey followed big, Labradoodle Zoey around off leash, while little Zoe walked beside me. The pack happily sniffed hello with various dogs we passed.

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