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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger was pretty amped up when he first went off leash with Rucksack. He immediately started barking in Rucksack's face, but quickly settled down when I called him, and then behaved himself much more civilly as we hiked up to Enchanted Mesa. After a little while, Sputnik took a turn off leash with Rucksack and the two of them ran through the snow together. Sputnik had some diarrhea at the outset of the hike, but his energy level was still very high. Perhaps because of the upset stomach, he was especially ornery with the other dogs we came across today, and I had to keep him on a short leash whenever we passed one. Mamacita made some playful hops in along the snowy trail while watching her packmates run around. Aside from Sputnik's uninviting attitude toward passing dogs, it was a fun and lively morning!

Variety Pack

Benny made frequent stops along the way as he, Zoey, and Milo walked the Boulder Creek Path with me this afternoon. When he stopped, he usually just stood in place and looked around as if thinking, "I wonder why we stopped..." Zoey promptly took each opportunity to sniff in the snow and leave a scent mark. Watching Zoey would then prompt Benny to sniff at the same spot and leave his own mark in the same area. Milo witnessed all this without taking part himself. He was mostly happy to just follow the path at my side, but he did have a couple quick romps in the snow.

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