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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Colby had a fun time running around at Enchanted Mesa this morning, while Sputnik and Racer were very interested in sniffing at grass and branches that poked out through the snow. Later on, Sputnik was surprisingly mellow as he explored off leash along with Griff. Eventually, however, he and Griff started chasing each other up and down the trail.

Variety Pack

The pack were all especially interested in sniffing along the trail around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. We made very frequent stops as Mamacita, Zoey, Benny, Oliver, and Isaac all put their noses to work. At one point, Mamacita, Zoey, and Benny were sniffing at a fence post and Isaac slipped through my legs from behind to get in on the olfactory action.