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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff was full of energy on the trails this morning. He raced all around like a maniac even when Sputnik wasn't chasing after him. It was fun to see him go, but I herded him off the side of the trail when other hikers came by because I didn't want him to startle them, especially along icy stretches. Sputnik and Racer did not have as high a level of energy as their packmate today. Racer has continued to show incremental improvement in her leash-walking manners.

Variety Pack

The pack were all very playful at the park this afternoon. They scattered quickly and all found friends within seconds, with the exception of Isaac who just grabbed the nearest tennis ball and started playing fetch. After the initial excitement, Ruffers, Rey, and Zoey all eventually converged in my vicinity. Rey had fun with two different, young Australian Shepherds. Ruffers joined in with them now and then, and also made some playful moves with Rey alone. Zoey fetched some tennis balls, often snagging Isaac's after he dropped it near me for another throw. Ruffers ambushed Zoey once when she was running back to me with a tennis ball. Isaac and Zoey both did their best to get as muddy as possible. It was a very lively afternoon!

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