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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik waited in ambush to then chase Ruffers around the trails this morning. Meanwhile, Zoe and Mamacita trotted along with me, making stops every so often to sniff around in the brush. It was a pretty quiet morning. Ruffers sniffed hello with one dog who passed us with their jogging human, after I called Sputnik back over to me. We passed a couple small dogs on our way back, as well, but they got scooped up at the side of the trail and didn't sniff hello.

Variety Pack

Rey quickly made friends with a playful pup at the park, and the pair of them wrestled around while a bigger dog hovered over them and occasionally barked. Roger Roger chased Rucksack around while Rucksack carried a tennis ball he found. Milo wandered off to explore the park. Zoe and Zoey went around to greet the humans. After a bit, little Zoe got the attention of Rey's playmates and a couple other dogs, and played rabbit in a few big chases. We came across a couple other friendly dogs, including an Australian Shepherd named Romeo who chased tennis balls alongside Rucksack, Roger Roger, Milo, and Zoey. Romeo also wrestled around a bit with Rey. Rey found a final playmate just as we were making our way toward the park exit. We hung out a little longer to let her have some more fun before heading out and loading back up into the car.

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