Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Milo and Roger Roger enjoyed chasing each other up and down the trail at CU South Campus this morning. Colby and Griff ran around a bit, too, but didn't keep up with the Doodles. Sputnik and Racer watched them with interest, but stayed on leash with me. That was a good thing when Milo and Roger Roger dove into some muddy water, but the rest of the pack kept dry and un-muddied. The Doodles rinsed off in the pond near the end of our hike. Griff and Colby also splashed around in the water, and then went for one more big run together.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Zoey, Rucksack, and Coco were all eager to chase after tennis balls at the park this afternoon. Isaac always beat everyone else out on the longer throws. Zoey and Rucksack dominated the middle distance. Coco snagged up balls that I bounced short to her. Meanwhile, little Zoe was busy making friends and playing chase. Later on, we headed to the south end of the park, where Coco tore apart some sticks while Isaac, Zoey, and Rucksack continued to play fetch, and little Zoe sniffed and wandered around.