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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger, Rucksack, Mamacita, and Sputnik hit a nearly empty Mesa Trail again this morning. Sputnik did get a growl in at the one and only dog we passed, just past the trail head; but he promptly stopped and sat in place when I caught his attention. Mamacita decided not to join in, and instead behaved herself as well as the Doodle boys as the other dog walked by.

Variety Pack

Coco and Zoey were pretty focused on chasing tennis balls at the park today, while Milo and little Zoe were more interested in the other dogs. Coco did leave the ball aside for a little while, though, when one dog caught her interest. She and Milo followed him around, making playful dodges, gnawing at the scruff of his neck, and attempting to mount him. Coco was surprisingly successful in the endeavor despite missing one front leg. Little Zoe took an interest in a tiny - but full grown at 4 years old - Shiba Inu who shared her name, and followed her around a bit. Zoey just chased after tennis balls and brought them around people, only to give them up for throwing after sufficient flaunting of her prize.

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