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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Rucksack were pretty mellow as they explored the snowy trails at Shanahan Ridge this morning. Sputnik was friendly with one dog who came up from behind us with a jogger, but he made a fuss about a Bernese Mountain Dog who passed by a bit later. Roger Roger enjoyed chomping on snow all along the way.

Variety Pack

After skipping the morning hike due to apparently feeling under the weather, Mamacita had an antacid, and then was full of pep and ready to come out with Coco and Zoey this afternoon. We headed up the little trail off to the right of the trail head and the pack sniffed all around the clearing there. Then, we headed back down and walked along Boulder Creek for a bit. Zoey bit at snow piles and hopped around playfully, while Coco and Mamacita were more interested in sniffing around than in playing.

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