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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger only bothered Rucksack a little bit on the trails this morning, and was good about leaving him be when called out. It was actually Roger Roger who found a log to haul today. Of course, Roger Roger's attention span only let him keep a hold of the lumber for a couple minutes. When he dropped it, Rucksack wasn't nearby and missed the chance to carry it himself. Meanwhile, Sputnik and Mamacita were great hikers, sticking right at my side throughout. We headed well off the side of the trail when dogs passed, to be sure there was enough distance for Sputnik not to get fixated, and that worked out very well.

Variety Pack

So much for Racer's good on-leash behavior yesterday. Today was a two-steps-back day, and she was pulling like mad for much of our walk along the Bear Creek Path. Meanwhile, Zoey and Coco both wanted to make a lot of stops to sniff around. We had a lot of stops and starts, with Racer just wanting to go-go-go. Coco went for a wiggle in the grass at one point, which was entertaining for me as well as for other people walking along the path.

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