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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trail at Shanahan Ridge was pretty well-traveled today. The pack saw quite a few joggers and hikers with their dogs, and were mostly pretty relaxed about them. However, Sputnik did get a bit growly when a happy, bouncy Bernese Mountain Dog came up the trail. We didn't have any other issues otherwise. Racer had one of her better days regarding her tendency to pull. Griff took some water from the CamelBak along with his packmates, even though he has avoided the spout on recent trips. Colby enjoyed sniffing around with Sputnik. Her ears remained dry, as Sputnik has laid off licking them this week.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Isaac, Racer, and Coco enjoyed a walk around Wonderland Lake together this afternoon. It was already twilight while we were walking, as we are about to have the shortest day of the year and the sun always dips below the mountains earlier the closer you get to them. Despite having a hike in the morning, Racer actually pulled on the leash more this afternoon. Coco had no trouble keeping up today. She lay down when we stopped in the park for a photo, but didn't want to make any other stops along the way. Zoey and Isaac walked along nicely, side-by-side.

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