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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita, Roger Roger, Rucksack, and Sputnik had a good time hiking up Shanahan Ridge this morning. We didn't make many stops along the way, so we made it well up the trail. I snapped a photo of the pack standing proudly at the base of the sheer rock face near the far point of our trip.

Variety Pack

My wife, Jen, helped walk Monarch, Clover, Racer, Blu, Zoey, Isaac, Coco, and Griff around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. After some initial pulling by Racer and Blu, the pack settled into a pretty consistent rhythm on mostly loose leashes throughout the walk. Coco wanted to make a few pit stops along the way to roll in the grass and chomp on some of the few patches of snow remaining, and Racer was quick to take each opportunity to sniff around in the tall grass by her. Monarch and Clover stopped to sniff some spots beside the trail together. Blu perked up at the sight of other dogs we passed along the way, but didn't try to pull us over to them. Griff and Zoey walked along nicely at Jen's side, while Isaac brought up the rear as he often does.

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