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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack was feeling very playful when I let him off the leash during our hike at Shanahan Ridge this morning. Sputnik, Mamacita, and Roger Roger all responded to his giddy leaps and expectant stares in kind, and Sputnik got to run off leash with him for a bit when we hiked along an empty stretch of trail.

Variety Pack

Sputnik wanted to make frequent stops along the path around Wonderland Lake this afternoon, and left a scent mark every time. Roger Roger, Zoey, and Isaac were more go-with-the-flow, aside from one stop Zoey insisted on as we walked through Wonderland Park. She only sniffed briefly before relieving herself, and Isaac followed suit. Sputnik happily took the opportunity to leave yet another scent mark.

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