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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers enjoyed romping through the snow at Shanahan Ridge this morning. She got both Sputnik and Mamacita worked up. Mamacita bunny-hopped through the snow when we was excited. At one point, Mamacita dropped into a play-bow in front of Ruffers, and Ruffers placed her paw on Mamacita's shoulder. Mamacita responded by hopping to another spot while maintaining play-bow position. Meanwhile, Racer did a reasonably good job on the leash. She and Sputnik both pulled a bit from time to time when they wanted to sniff around in the snow, but they kept with me pretty well for the most part.

Variety Pack

We had a new dog join the pack this afternoon - Avo! Avo is a sweetheart who already knows Rey from the neighborhood. Avo was a little hesitant to get into the car after first meeting Mamacita and Racer, but she hopped in afters sniffing hello and then taking a minute to absorb things. Rey then joined the crew, followed by Zoey. Avo was well-mannered in all of her greetings, and the pack were excited to have a new member! We dropped Mamacita off and then made a stop at my house before heading out for a leashed walk around Wonderland Lake. Rey made rounds, doling out bursts of puppy energy to each of her packmates in turn. First, Racer and Rey chased each other around in the yard. Then, Zoey and Rey wrestled around back inside house. While those two were going at it, Racer and Avo sniffed each other out and made some playful moves together. Finally, just before we headed out for the walk, Avo and Rey hopped around with one another a bit. I tried to get everyone settled before heading out on the walk, but that lasted about two minutes before Avo slipped her collar and tried getting her new packmates to chase after her. We went back into the house, I gathered up Avo - who was waiting in the driveway for someone to play with her - and then we set out again after some collar/harness adjustments. We proceeded with our walk to and around the lake, with Racer, Rey, and Avo all still full of energy. Zoey settled down nicely, and Racer eventually stopped pulling so much. Judging by today, I suspect Avo and Rey will enjoy it if we start heading to the dog park regularly on Wednesday afternoons, so they can really run around! I still want to walk Avo on leash with the pack a few times first, though, to reinforce a sense of sticking together with the group. All in all, Avo was very friendly and seems like she will be a fun addition to the pack, despite the bit of collar-slipping naughtiness.

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