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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Griff happily greeted a young Vizsla pup who came over to say hello while we were hiking at Shanahan Ridge this morning. The pup politely stopped a few feet short and let Racer and Griff come up to him. Colby and Sputnik hung back, at my side. They watched with some wary reservation but waited patiently and politely as their packmates got a good sniff.

Variety Pack

Colby and Rey exchanged kisses when Rey joined us in the packmobile in between pack outings. Colby no longer grumbles about our youngest pack member, as it seems Rey has endeared herself to her through persistence. On our afternoon walk along the Bear Creek Path, Rey kept lingering behind to sniff in the snow, then bounding forward in order to catch up and then try to pull ahead. Isaac, Zoey, and Mamacita all walked along nicely, with Isaac bringing up the rear as usual. We made a few stops so the pack could sniff in the grassy parks we passed along the way, and they all did a thorough job of checking things out.

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