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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer munched on snow as we hiked at Shanahan Ridge this morning. She and Sputnik were both on alert and a little bit grumbly when another dog came near us. Griff had run over to greet the dog and then the two of them embarked on a chase, with Colby joining in soon after. They had a lot of fun running through the snow together.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Zoey, Benny, and Mamacita walked around Wonderland Lake together this afternoon. Benny and Mamacita each pulled over several times along the way, to sniff in the snow and turn it yellow. Zoey watched with alert perkiness as other dogs walked by on the path. The cold weather brought out Mamacita's frisky side, and she woofed at a few people and dogs along the way. Isaac followed along, politely in place behind me, as he typically does on our leashed walks.

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