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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby was very interested in sniffing at the upturned soil that was scattered at the edge of the path as we walked along Bear Creek this morning. Sputnik wanted to make a lot of stops as well, but he was more interested in leaving his own scent marks than in investigating uncovered odors. Meanwhile, Racer walked alongside Griff. Racer wasn't pulling at the leash very much today, but Griff seemed to feel that he needed to balance things out by pulling ahead far more than usual. He wasn't coursing forward and trying to drag us along, but he kept inching further and further ahead until I gave him a tug or drew the whole pack back a few steps to reset.

Variety Pack

Rey was particularly excited and wiggly upon greeting Zoey in the packmobile today. I wonder whether the extra enthusiasm was in response to Zoey's new haircut, since she looks like a different dog but presumably still smells the same. As the pack walked around Wonderland Lake, Rey and Milo both got worked up whenever we passed another dog, and wanted to pull us over to say hello. I didn't let them drag us over, so as not to encourage the bad habit, but they did get to briefly sniff hello with a couple dogs who politely came by. Isaac trotted along in his usual place behind me, and Zoey occasionally wanted to stop and sniff around in the snow. Milo got very excited near the end of our walk and started sniffing at the ground like he was tracking something. It was not surprising, then, when I caught a glimpse of a deer up the way. The rest of the pack didn't seem to take notice.

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