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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

A curious, black Lab passed by the pack during our hike and drew some anxious grumbles from both Griff and Sputnik. When we passed the same Lab near the end of our hike, Griff was feeling more relaxed and he, Racer, and Colby all sniffed hello while Sputnik still struggled with some nervous energy. In between our encounters with the Lab, Griff and Colby had fun running around through the snowy fields beside the trail. Racer has continued to get better and better at walking on the leash, and has made a marked improvement since I started using the Easy Walk harness on her.

Variety Pack

Zoey was very interested in a flock of geese that were hanging out in a field we passed along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. On the way back, we pulled over to the grass at the edge of that field so the dogs could sniff around a bit. Isaac was the only one who cared about sniffing around, though; Sputnik and Zoey were both pretty focused on the geese until we moved on.

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