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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure PACK

Sputnik, Mamacita, Roger Roger, and Rucksack hiked to the Enchanted Mesa from the Chautauqua this morning. Roger Roger munched on some snow along the way. Mamacita was in an ornery mood and barked at a couple of the people we passed on the trail. Sputnik and Rucksack sniffed at opposite sides of the trail as we went.


Our newest packmate, Avo, had her second birthday today and enjoyed spending the afternoon with Rey, Zoey, and Sputnik. Avo and Sputnik's schedules don't typically overlap and Sputnik was a little grumbly when they first greeted each other; but after walking together for a while, they were both making play-bows and hopping around in front of one another. Rey and Zoey, on the other hand, had lots of playful energy when they first got together but then settled down once we got walking. Avo enjoyed eating some snow from the bank beside the path. There was one long stretch of trail along the west side of Wonderland Lake where all of the pack had their noses glued to the snow-packed ground, as they had apparently picked up on something super interesting.

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