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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita found a good spot to wiggle in the snow as we hiked at the CU South Campus trails this morning, while Sputnik looked on at my side. Meanwhile, Ruffers, Yoda, and Rucksack were entertaining each other as they raced around. Ruffers and Rucksack did most of the running, but Yoda joined in for short spurts of playful leaps and dodges. Sputnik always makes the most stops to sniff and pee out of the pack, but he did so an inordinate number of times today even for him.

Variety Pack

The pack burst onto the scene at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon brimming with friendly excitement. Rey and little Zoe immediately took to a group of small dogs including a young, black Dachshund who ended up following them around for much of our visit. Avo went sprinting up and down the park. At first, she ran all on her own, but later on she played rabbit while Zoey and Rey chased after her. Near the end of our visit, she got in a little tiff with a dog who joined in one of the chases she led. The other dog was staying right at her side and being very pushy and mouthy with her, and then didn't respond well when Avo expressed her annoyance. They made a lot of noise at each other. I stepped in to break it up and no one got hurt. Roger Roger spent the park visit obsessed with tennis balls. He was on and off with bringing the balls back, but there were tennis balls scattered everywhere so it wasn't hard to keep him busy. Yoda spent the time roaming the park mostly on his own, sniffing out the perimeter with measured care.

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