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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was another very cold day today, but the pack had a fun time out on the snowy trails. Racer munched on snow all along the way. Colby and Griff both bounded through the fields beside the trail, but they were on different pages and didn't chase each other - they just each ran around on their own. Sputnik was much better mannered today when we came by a young, yellow Lab - the only other dog we saw while we were out.

Variety Pack

A big flock of geese took off from beside Wonderland Lake as the pack walked by this afternoon. Zoey and Rey were the most interested in the flurry of honks and movement that passed overhead. Racer and little Zoe both wanted to sniff along in the brush beside the trail as we went. Isaac and Milo brought up the rear, following me dutifully throughout the walk. They only strayed from the path when we made stops so everyone could sniff around a bit.

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