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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers, Sputnik, and Mamacita sniffed intently around the base of a small bush right where the Mesa Trail branches off from Bluebell Road on our way up to the mesa this morning. Rucksack was already off ahead, wondering what was holding his packmates up. Once up on the mesa, Ruffers had fun chasing Rucksack through the snow. Sputnik and Mamacita were both in an ornery mood when we first arrived at the trail, and barked at other dogs in the parking lot while they were still in the car; but once we got out on the trails, they behaved themselves far more civilly and kept it together even when some dogs came near to sniff hello.

Variety Pack

The pack enjoyed a nice walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. We pulled over to the side of the path every so often for the dogs to sniff around and munch on snow. Little Zoe often likes to pull off toward the side of the path to sniff around, but she mostly stayed in formation today. Avo also stayed with the pack and didn't pull that much today - until we walked through a field on our return leg. Avo decided it was play time, and started jumping all around. Racer wasn't sure whether to join in or scold her packmate for the sudden outburst of energy, and she settled on grumbling at Avo while making a few dodgy moves. Zoey, Zoe, and Roger Roger ignored Avo as they were all busy sniffing around in the snow-peppered grass. It took a little while repeatedly untangling leashes and removing them from Avo's mouth until she finally settled down and started walking nicely again. Once we got through that, she walked in place with the rest of the pack even better than before and we finished out the walk on a very pleasant note.

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