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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack enjoyed some treats when I took them out to work on getting Racer more comfortable with having the harness put on her. Ever since I started using the harness with her, she has been walking very well with hardly any pulling on the leash; but she has been greeting me at the door with a bit of wariness at the prospect of having the harness put on. Hopefully, she can overcome that hesitancy with a little work. Out on the trails, Racer, Griff, Sputnik, and Colby all munched on some snow as we made our way up to the Mesa Trail at the Chautauqua. It was a fairly quiet morning, but we did pass by some other dogs along the way. Racer and Sputnik both barked at the first couple dogs we saw, while Colby and Griff seemed to want to go say hello. Our dog encounters later on in the hike were calmer.

Variety Pack

Isaac grabbed up a big log at CU South Campus this afternoon and Rey had fun chasing him up and down the trail. Meanwhile, Benny and Zoey sniffed around in at trees and bushes beside the trail, and little Zoe hiked along on leash at my side. The pack all got very excited when we came across a Border Collie a little later on. Rey led the greeting committee, soon followed by all the rest of the pack. After saying hello, Benny was swept up in a bout of playful energy and he hopped around in circles.