Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack found a lot of interesting spots to sniff along the trail this morning. There were many times when Sputnik, Mamacita, and Roger Roger all homed in on the same square foot. Rucksack would then take notice of his packmates' interest and join in the investigation. There was one spot that Roger Roger liked so much, he flopped down in the snow and started wiggling around on his back.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Zoe, Rey, and Griff all had fun chasing each other around at the house before we set out for our walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. The chaotic play energy carried on in Rey and little Zoe for a while. They pulled at their leashes and their attentions were scattered all over the place at first, but eventually they settled into a steady, comfortable walking pace. There was one area in the tall grass by the underpass that goes below Broadway north of Quince where everyone became extremely interested in some scent. The four of them all started pulling in the same direction with their noses down to the ground. I didn't let them head very far in that direction, and I'm not sure what had them all so excited. Judging by the unanimous and intense interest, my guess would be some kind of carcass shrouded in the taller grass a little further off from the path.