Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Despite the sunny skies and warming temperatures, the Chautauqua was still pretty empty. Sputnik, Racer, Griff, and Colby enjoyed hiking the Mesa Trail and sniffing at various spots along the way. Racer chomped on some snow from a snowbank on a north-facing hillside as we headed up to the mesa. Colby was a bit wary of a hiker we passed, who then followed some distance behind us. There was a point on our return leg when Racer became alert and started staring off into the wooded field beside the trail. I followed her gaze but didn't pick up on whatever had caught her attention. None of the other pack members did, either.

Variety Pack

Before heading to the park, Rey wrestled around with both Zoey and little Zoe, while Isaac hovered over them and occasionally barked orders at them to not get too rowdy. Once we got to the Foothills Dog Park, Mamacita soon made friends with a young pup. The little one followed her around for a while before he eventually had to leave. After that, spent most of her time sniffing along the perimeter of the park. Meanwhile, Isaac was busy playing fetch, as usual. He also managed to find a muddy patch to lie down in, as usual. Rey spent a long while wrestling around with a 4-month-old, fellow Pit Bull puppy. Zoey and little Zoe sought out broken tennis balls and their pieces to chew on. Zoey also joined Isaac for fetch. Milo found a Husky friend near the end of our park visit, and ran around with him for a while. At that point, Rey had found a new friend in a young German Shepherd, and the two of them were wrestling around.