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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack found a stick along the trail this morning. He played keep-away from Ruffers and the two of them had a great time running through the snow together. Mamacita and Sputnik got pretty excited watching their packmates romp, and hopped around whenever they came near. After their play, Rucksack found a bigger, heavier log to carry and brought it along with the focus of a dog with a job. Later on, Rucksack and Ruffers switched chasing roles with Rucksack following on Ruffers' heels, though Ruffers didn't have a stick.

Variety Pack

Milo, Zoey, Roger Roger, Rey, Zoe, and Avo all had a blast at the park this afternoon! Zoe made friends with another little dog and got him to chase her around for a little while. Roger Roger was less obsessed with tennis balls than usual, and instead ran around with Milo for a lot of the time. Milo and Rey enjoyed chasing Avo while Avo played rabbit and sprinted all across the north end of the park, and Roger Roger chased Milo while Milo chased Avo. Later on in the visit, Roger Roger and Zoey eventually turned their attentions to tennis balls, and chased them down as I threw them for a while. Avo and little Zoe sought out broken tennis balls and their torn pieces to chew on. I gathered up the pieces as I could, to try to keep them from swallowing them. Zoey refreshed the supply by periodically tearing up the balls she was chasing. Rey found a few different playmates to wrestle with throughout the visit, which got her pretty well covered in puppy slobber by the time we left.

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