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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

My sister, who is visiting from the East Coast, joined us for the pack outings today. Colby, Racer, and Sputnik were all very happy to say hello in the car, and greeted Heather with lots of wiggles and kisses; Griff said a brief hello and then lay down in his usual spot. Once out on the CU South Campus trails, the pack were all very interested in sniffing many spots along the way. Heather snapped some photos of me and the pack while we walked. Eventually, sniffing gave way to playing as Griff and Colby ran and ran and ran. After a while, I let Sputnik and Racer off leash to join them. Racer ran up and down through the ditch beside the trail, splashing water all over herself, while Sputnik trailed behind her and sniffed along the sides of the ditch. After getting good and wet, Racer then took off across a field for a big run with Colby in pursuit. Griff joined in when Racer's arc brought her back near the trail. Racer eventually slowed down and came back over to me to be put back on leash along with Sputnik.

Variety Pack

Benny rejoined the pack this afternoon after a long hiatus from the pack activity schedule. He was very happy to see his friends in the car, and to roam the Valmont Dog Park with them. Isaac played lots of fetch. Zoey snagged a squeaky ball that someone had brought to the park, and held onto it for a long time. She kept going up to sniff other tennis balls and evaluate whether they were worth trading for her prize, but all came up short. Mamacita started off the park visit anxious about one person who made loud whistles to call his dog. Shortly after our arrival, a less-than-friendly dog tackled and pinned her, which added to her nervousness. She followed me pretty closely for a while, and then a sweet, little Cattle Dog came over and greeted her with very polite and gentle sniffs. After that, Mamacita broke out of her shell and got a couple good runs in. Little Zoe also caught the Cattle Dog's attention and played rabbit while the Cattle Dog chased her around while Benny went over and watched them with interest.

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