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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack and Roger Roger found a pair of sticks early on in the hike, but then soon traded them out for a pair of tennis balls that they discovered along the way. It wasn't very long before Roger Roger lost his ball down in a gully amidst a crowd of bushes, but Rucksack managed to keep his for the whole hike, all the way back to the packmobile. Mamacita enjoyed munching on snow and wiggling in the grass. Sputnik marked every tree and tuft of grass he could.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Zoey, and Avo all had fun chasing tennis balls at the park this afternoon. Zoey was kept well-entertained by my brother-in-law, Peter, as she kept fetching her tennis ball back to him so he could kick it for her. Meanwhile, I was throwing Isaac's ball long with the Chuckit!, and Avo moved from grassy island to grassy island, gnawing on her tennis ball and rolling around on top of it. Avo played rabbit for one high-speed chase, with Zoey, Isaac, and a young English Sheepdog all in pursuit. They were pretty worked up at the end when Avo finally stopped. Zoey and the English sheepdog were a little too excited about finally catching up to Avo, but backed off when I stepped in to settle them.

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