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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger kept eating snow all along the trail this morning. Near the end of our hike, he turned to eating the snow out of his paws. Rucksack ate some snow, too, but not as ravenously as Roger Roger. Sputnik got dusted with snow at one point, when he sidled up to a sapling tree to mark it. Mamacita had her sweatshirt on to keep her warm in the chilly weather, and she hiked along nicely at my side.

Variety Pack

Little Zoe, Rey, Zoey, and Mamacita walked the Bear Creek Path together this afternoon. There were quite a few joggers out despite the cold. The pack all seemed in good spirits as we made our way along the path. Rey wanted Little Zoe were both excited to sniff along the side of the path, while Zoey and Mamacita stayed in place beside me and only went to sniff in the snow when I pulled over for a stop.

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