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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby ducked her head down to sniff a rock just as Sputnik started marking it this morning. It had been a while since one of our pack members got caught by Sputnik's frequent marking while sniffing at a spot together. I used water from the CamelBak to rinse her off. At one point in the hike, we pulled over to the side of the trail and I threw snowballs for everyone. Griff didn't respond to the first couple I threw his way, so I tried Sputnik. Sputnik ignored the first one but caught the second. Colby and Racer were both watching me intently by this point, and they each caught several in a row. I tried throwing one to Griff again and he half-heartedly opened his mouth as it plopped to the ground in front of him; but he hopped forward to catch the next one. On our way back, after all the snowball-catching, Sputnik tried to get on Colby's good side by licking her ear.

Variety Pack

Isaac lay down in the snow and munched on it when we stopped at a small park beside the Bear Creek Path so the pack could sniff around. Meanwhile, Benny took his time finding just the right spot to do his business. Clover, Monarch, Mamacita, and Zoey just chilled. Clover had already made several stops to leave scent marks beside the path, and Monarch was satisfied with the sniffing and snow-munching she did as we were walking. Zoey and Mamacita walked in pace with me throughout and waited patiently at stops, like polite little ladies.

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