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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

I couldn't even count how many times Sputnik stopped to pee on things this morning. It seemed like it was about every 20 yards, for the majority of the hike. Roger Roger and Mamacita often joined him when he pulled off to the side to sniff and tinkle, and both had some narrow misses as they ducked down to sniff just as Sputnik lifted his leg. Rucksack stayed well out of the splash zone, though he did go check out the smells for himself from time to time.

Variety Pack

Rey went from one new friend to the next, running and wrestling her heart out. The first friend she made was an Akita/Husky mix. The pair of them eventually ended up lying under a picnic table and spooning while they gnawed on each other's faces. After that, she found several more friends to keep her moving. She became interested in one dog who was busy playing with another, and it took Rey a while to recognize that the dog was trying to shoo her away rather than play with her; but she eventually got the message and moved on to find some other playmates.