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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita took her time on the hike this morning. During one of her rest stops, she flopped down into the tall grass and wiggled around, slowly sliding into a ditch as she went. Sputnik was happy to take the opportunities to leave scent marks along the way. Rucksack and Ruffers ran around together through the fields until Rucksack found himself a big branch to haul. After that, Rucksack carried his branch along the trail so all the hikers could admire him, and Ruffers started trailing the pack so she could linger and sniff around.

Variety Pack

Avo, Zoey, and Roger Roger were all about the tennis balls at the park today. Roger Roger was the only one who consistently brought the ball back; however, he often stopped short when I threw the ball long. Avo would then race ahead to snatch it up when she saw that Roger Roger stopped his pursuit, but Avo usually just dropped the ball in place immediately after grabbing it. Zoey joined in the ball chases, but usually didn't come away with the prize. When she did, she just carried it off. Near the end of our visit, Zoey found a broken half of a blue tennis ball and carried it around with her. Surprisingly, she didn't tear it up into smaller pieces and try to eat it.

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