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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Colby were back to giving each other a flurry of kisses when Sputnik hopped into the packmobile for our hike this morning. Out on the trails, Griff and Sputnik both munched on some snow when we passed over one of the few spots where there is still some on the ground. Sputnik went off leash with Colby for a bit today. Sputnik was being a bit too intense in his play by charging at Colby and jumping into her. Racer did not approve, and started to bark at Sputnik to let him know his behavior was not appreciated. So, Sputnik went back on the leash pretty quickly.

Variety Pack

The CU South Campus trails were surprisingly pretty empty this afternoon. The pack enjoyed having the trails to themselves to sniff around and explore. Before the hike, Rey and little Zoe had fun wrestling around with each other. On the hike, Rey and big Zoey chased each other around and splashed through the ditch water beside the trail. Benny took his time sniffing and then galloped to catch up with the pack. Isaac, little Zoe, and Cooper all hiked along in pace with me very nicely. We pulled over to investigate the scents of some bushes along the way.

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