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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita took her time on the trail this morning. She found a spot to wiggle in the grass early on. There were a few more times after that when she sniffed around and seemed like she was going to go for another wiggle, but she only went for it the one time. Sputnik was happy to sniff around alongside Mamacita. He left plenty of scent marks while he was at it. Roger Roger and Rucksack pulled over with their packmates about half of the time, and stayed on the trail, waiting to get a move on, the other half of the time.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Avo, Griff, Zoey, and Rey all had fun racing around with each other and with some of the other dogs at the park this afternoon! When she wasn't running with friends, Avo was busy wiggling on her back on top of a tennis ball she picked out from among the many available, or climbing the big tree at the south end of the park. Ruffers was followed by a spunky, little Shiba Inu who enjoyed chasing after her and trying to jump on her. Griff had some dodge-and-wrestle sessions with a young Husky, and later raced Zoey for tennis balls as I played fetch with them. Rey was happy to see another pet caretaker she knows, Jackie, and interrupted her relentless puppy play in order to go greet her with excitement.

Boarding Pack

Cooper, Zoe, Rucksack, and Roger Roger went for a nice, late afternoon walk to Wonderland Lake together. We made a few stops along the way so everyone could sniff around - especially when we reached the stretch where the tall grass beside the path was cut short, leading over to Wonderland Lake Park. There were apparently some very interesting odors in that area. The whole pack were deeply intrigued, and saw fit to devote some time to further investigations. I am awaiting a full report on their findings.

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