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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Curie was happy to join the pack for our outing this morning. We headed to the Bear Creek Path, where we encountered a lot of bicyclists, some joggers, and a few other dogs. Along the way, Mamacita found two different spots in the grass that called out to her for wiggles. At the second stop, Roger Roger lay in the grass and just relaxed while Mamacita went at it. Curie and Sputnik stood by and took in the scenery. When I offered the pack some water, Curie only drank a tiny bit before closing her mouth. She had some long strings of drool hanging from her jowls, and I directed the water stream to wash them away after she stopped drinking. Sputnik and Roger Roger were happy to have all the water I offered. Mamacita took a pass.

Variety Pack

The pack had some interesting sighting on our walk this afternoon. It started off with a bunny in a small park near my place when we first set out toward Wonderland Lake. Ruffers, Zoey, Isaac, Riley, and Rey all noticed it a short distance away, and stared intently as it disappeared behind a bush. When we rounded the corner and saw the other side of the bush, they were disappointed to find that it had vanished. When we were coming around the far end of Wonderland Lake, Rey alone took notice of the paragliders overhead. She stopped in place and stared with a serene and unbreakable curiosity as one paraglider drifted gently earthward in the distance. None of her packmates followed her gaze to notice the strange flying people; however, a short while later, we saw a buck on the mountainside just beside the trail. Ruffers, Riley, Zoey, and Rey all tried to pick up the pace toward it, in order to catch it before it ran away. Their leashes, in my hands, thwarted their scheme as the buck trotted up the mountain with a hurried pace.

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