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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan had just gone for a swim before his pack hike today, and when we first stopped at Boulder Creek, he opted not to join Sputnik in the water. The Red Rocks Trails were virtually empty today, so Sputnik enjoyed most of the hike off leash with Dylan. Sputnik tried to get Dylan to chase him by running up to Dylan and then growling just as he turned and ran away, but Dylan was not in the mood to run. However, he did hop in the streams we crossed while he was off leash on the mountain trails.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Rey and Poppy walked along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon, and they were all happy to hop into the Creek to cool off and horse around. Zoey kept dunking her entire head underwater to grab sticks. Rey snatched up sticks that were visible above the surface. Poppy just splashed all around, getting as soaked as she could. It was a fun time.

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