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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik had a playful bounce in his step at the beginning of our hike. He sidled up to Dylan a couple times to try to coax him into running with him, but Dylan didn't take the bait. He was more concerned with finding locations in the snow that were ideal for wiggling in, and he found some suitable spots. A little later on, when Griff and Dylan were off leash together, they took turns as lead sniffer while the other would follow a couple steps behind to smell whatever point of interest had been found.

Variety Pack

If I ever forget to linger at one of Zoey's favorite spots along our walks, she is sure to let me know, by simply coming to a sudden stop just as we start to pass it. Lou, Griff, Blu, and Gidget were all happy to join Zoey in sniffing around those places, as soon as they recognized we would be taking a pause from the walk. I had to do a little bit of gymnastic maneuvering to realign leashes, after most of our stops. Lou and Blu especially liked to move in to get a good whiff of whatever tree trunk or fence post the pack was sniffing, and in doing so they often ignored the relative positions in which they had been walking; and to complicate the issue, their names are close enough that they each thought I was talking to them when I tried to call one or the other over to one spot, when attempting to herd them back into their places.


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