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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik joined Ruffers off leash at CU South for only a short stretch, as the trails were pretty full of other dogs today, while Riley stayed with me. There were a lot of interesting spots to smell along the way, so we pulled over to the side of the trail for a lot of sniff breaks. Ruffers made friends with a few other dogs, while Riley and Sputnik stayed pretty calm, watching her greetings.

Variety Pack

There was a flock of geese by the creek today. Zoey was very chill about them; I guess she only cares when they (or people) are in the water. Rey made one flying leap toward them as we approached, and then minded her manners better after being scolded for the outburst. We then stopped to take a photo with the geese in the background. Rey kept her eyes on them, Zoey stood by without a care, and Lou kept coming over to snuggle when I tried to step back to get the shot.

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