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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff sniffed hello with one of the dogs we passed on the trail this morning, while Sputnik and Racer walked by with me. We saw a couple other dogs along the way, but only the one walked over to greet. Griff had a burst of playful energy at one point, and I was surprised that Sputnik didn't take the bait and chase him. Racer has gone many hikes now without getting sick to her stomach, so hopefully she is past whatever had been bothering her.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Avo, and Rey all enjoyed munching on some snow today. Zoey just wanted to sniff around in it, not eat it. We stopped in a field along the Bear Creek Path, where Mamacita enjoyed a good roll in the grass. Meanwhile, Rey, Avo, and Zoey were all chomping up some twigs from a small, fallen branch.


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