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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan enjoyed rolling around in the snow at various points throughout our hike. Ruffers wandered off trail a bit more than usual, following her nose over the snow-covered terrain. Dylan did a good job catching snowballs that I threw to him. Ruffers made less effort to catch them, just standing with her mouth agape as they sailed through the air toward her; but I did manage to land one squarely into her open mouth. Sputnik just let the snowballs hit him in the face, without making any attempt to catch them, and then he munched some snow off the ground.

Variety Pack

Rey's ears were wet before we started our walk, from Imogene mouthing them as they wrestled around together. On the walk itself, Imogene did a great job of settling into pace and walking nicely along with Rey, Poppy, and Zoey. Everyone wanted to investigate the fallen leaves that had been turned up from under the snow pack, so we spent a while at such spots along the way.


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