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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Isaac quickly found a tree limb as we hiked Shanahan Ridge this morning. He didn't stick with it very long, and ended up cycling through several branches of various size and shape over the course of the hike. Meanwhile, Ruffers followed her typical routine of sniffing spots out thoroughly after the pack passed by them, and then bringing up the rear. Mamacita made playful moves as she watched Isaac carrying lumber. Sputnik behaved himself nicely when we came across other dogs along the trail. At one point, right after we started making our way back toward the trail head, Isaac found some scat and rolled around in it. Thankfully, Ruffers - who was also off leash - did not follow suit.

Variety Pack

Coco and Isaac fell into their usual positions for fetch: Isaac going long and Coco staying close for the short bounces. Meanwhile, Rey made friends with a young Vizsla. When the Vizlsa had to leave, Rey, Coco, and Isaac all walked a lap around the park with me, taking turns chasing tennis balls. Later on, Rey made friends with a Staffordshire Terrier who is a month older than her. The two of them had a lot of fun wrestling around. Isaac and Coco both hopped into the mix every so often.

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