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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The snow was not as prevalent on the trails today, and Dylan apparently found it less appealing. He still wiggled around in it a couple times, but it was nothing like last week, when he couldn't get enough of it. He and Griff ventured ahead of me and Sputnik on our way out. On the way back, Griff often fell behind to sniff at points of interest, while Dylan maintained a small lead on the rest of us. Dylan and Griff greeted a few other dogs along the way. I didn't go as far as to bring Sputnik over to say hello, but he was able to walk down the middle of the trail on a loose leash as his buddies sniffed hello just a few feet away.

Variety Pack

Jen lent a hand walking the oversized pack around Wonderland Lake again this afternoon. Carl was very excited to meet Blu and Gidget, as they were to meet him. After the little ones all got acquainted, we headed out toward the pond. Mamacita, Lou, Gidget, Zoey, and Ruffers all did a good job of walking together. Carl and Blu were concerned with the fact that half their packmates were walking ahead of us with Jen, so they pulled at their leashes quite a bit; Carl was particularly relentless in his drive to catch up to the others. Zoey chomped on a twig she found in a field at one point - a habit that she usually abstains from while the likes of Rey, Avo, Riley, and Imogene put their jaws to work. I guess that without them around, she felt that the duty to chew twigs to a pulp fell to her. Mamacita was the one insisting on stops, to sniff beside the trail at various points along the way.


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