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Friday Pack Activities (8/26/2022)

Adventure Pack

Milo, Sputnik and Dylan made a short ascent up the Red Rocks Spurs at the Peoples' Crossing. Sputnik was having a hard time on the incline, so we turned around before long and had a nice stroll along the Boulder Creek Path instead. It was a quiet morning. Even though we took a slow pace, we kept on the move with hardly any stops.

Variety Pack

A pair of girls using ski poles while on rollerblades went by us as we were walking the Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. I noticed Rey tense up as they approached, and she let out a couple barks when they passed. I drew her attention away and had her sit. I had Archie walking alongside Ruffers so he wouldn't be too distracted by Rey. He was happy turning his focus on Ruffers instead, but he just hopped around in front of her to get her to play instead of trying to mount her like he does with Rey. Ruffers deftly balanced being playful and friendly with standing her ground and keeping Archie's puppy energy in check. Zoey insisted on a couple stops today, but then wasn't interested in sniffing around. Carl, on the other hand, was following his nose and finding things to pee on throughout the walk. Lou dutifully followed in place behind me and politely ignored some spillover of Archie's attention.


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