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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

I was able to rein in Racer's desire to bolt for the creek enough so that she didn't drag me right up to the water's edge, threatening to pull me in, but instead just eagerly hopped in alongside Dylan. Dylan proceeded to dip his whole body in the water several times, getting a thorough soak as always. Racer chomped at the surface repeatedly. Sputnik waded in and had a drink. Ruffers stuck to the bank, only getting her paws wet. We proceeded to enjoy a pleasant walk along the Boulder Creek Path, once everyone partook in their preferred methods of cooling.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Carl, and Rey headed to the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Rey had fun splashing around and tugging at exposed roots that protruded from the creek bed into the water. Meanwhile, Carl was pulling up grass that was growing at the water's edge. Zoey just waded around in the water, and sniffed around to check out what the others were up to. She was in an investigative mood today, and made sure we stopped at many trees during our walk.

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