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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik was happy to drink all the water he could get today. Riley also enjoyed a drink at several points along the way, though not as thirstily as Sputnik. Ruffers chose not to partake, as she was too busy sniffing around to think about hydration, and snuffed it when I approached her and squirted some her way. We headed up the Flatirons Loop, with a fair bit of panting along the way. It's going to take a little time to reacclimate to the warmer weather again.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Mamacita were more interested in stopping than in walking. I expected Mamacita to keep lying in the grass, but she only did on our first stop; the rest of the time, she wanted to sniff around like Zoey. Lou didn't particularly care about making stops, but she was along for the ride and happy to mark spots after Mamacita or Zoey did. There was a lot of marking from the pack today, especially for an all-female group. At one point, Zoey marked a spot, then Mamacita followed up behind her, and then Lou followed up behind Mamacita. Zoey then came back around and sniffed the spot again. I was expecting the loop to begin anew, but Zoey passed on round two and we continued on instead.

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