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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik was a little more ornery about the dogs we saw on the trail today. He did not want to turn his attention away from them when they went by, kept looking back over his shoulder, and grumbled at them if they paused. Racer decided to back up Sputnik's attitude with a couple woofs herself, though she was much quicker to let it go after she made her point. Meanwhile, Griff happily sniffed hello with some of the dogs we came by.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Riley, Mamacita, and Avo enjoyed the walk around Wonderland Lake, this afternoon. Today is Avo's birthday, and she seemed to have an extra bit of energy. She had a look of mischief as she constantly scanned our surroundings. Thankfully, she and the rest of the pack were all very responsive whenever I called for their attentions. So, even when we passed some other dogs - which caused Riley and Avo both to perk up - they didn't pull or bark, and instead sat politely at the side of the trail with me, to let the other dogs go by. Neither Mamacita nor Avo did any rolling in the grass today. Everybody swarmed spots that apparently smelled interesting, at all the usual areas where Zoey insists on stopping.


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