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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers, Sputnik, and Riley headed up the Mesa Trail this morning, where it was a little busier than usual. It was another comfortable day for hiking. The pack sniffed around here and there, but didn't seem find any particular spots to be especially interesting, so we didn't linger in any one place for very long. The longest we paused was when Sputnik marked a spot and then Riley wanted to follow up behind him and mark it herself. Ruffers and Sputnik spent a brief time off leash, but we kept encountering other hikers - often with on-leash dogs - so I had to call them back a lot and eventually just kept them on leash as well.

Variety Pack

Avo enjoyed rolling in the grass at several points during our walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Surprisingly, Mamacita opted not to join in the revelry. Less surprisingly, Zoey also stood by while Avo did her thing. Riley play-bowed and hopped around Avo, and then the two of them had some fun bowing, diving, and dodging around with each other.


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