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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The parking lot at the Chautauqua was pretty full, and Bluebell Road was busy, but once we got up to the Mesa Trail it was much quieter. The sunny, serene atmosphere made for a very nice hike. No rolling in the snow for Dylan today. Most of the snow has melted, but there were still some banks in shaded spots along the way; still, they weren't enough to entice him. He and Ruffers wandered off leash - Dylan in the lead and Ruffers bringing up the rear - for most of the hike. Sputnik was, yet again, very relaxed about the other dogs we saw on the trails.

Variety Pack

Rey, Imogene, Carl, Mamacita, and Zoey headed to a location I haven't taken the pack to in a long while - Goose Creek Greenway. We set out at the Valmont City Park and headed south. The park was bustling, but the people quickly grew sparser as we made our way down the path. Prairie dogs chirped at us along some stretches. Carl and Imogene pulled at their leashes to try to go chase them. Rey perked up and watched the prairie dogs intently, but didn't pull. Meanwhile, Mamacita and Zoey were model walkers, staying in lock-step pace at my side, as they typically do. The landscape in that part of town feels more barren and less picturesque than our other walking destinations, but still it was nice to have a change in pace.

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