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Wednesday Pack Activities (4/19/2023)

Adventure Pack

Bear and Dylan roamed the trails off leash on our way up the mountain. Bear was very interested in the drainage culverts that run underneath the Chautauqua Trail, and went down into the ditches to check each one out. Dylan stayed on the trail with the rest of the pack. Bear and Avo ran around together briefly before Ruffers and Avo spent the remainder of the hike off leash together. Avo was in an exploring mood, and wandered a bit far off a couple times while Ruffers followed close behind the rest of us. Ruffers stopped to sniff around a lot at a bend in the Bluebell-Mesa Trail, and a magpie flew down and hopped around just a few feet away from her without drawing any reaction. I walked the rest of the pack back over to her and everyone got a good sniff of the area.

Variety Pack

Imogene enjoyed an afternoon full of fetch at the Valmont Dog Park. Archie snagged a few balls but mostly just chased after Imogene or got into races with other dogs. There was a Basenji mix who kept him on his toes and did a good job wearing him out. There was also a wirehaired terrier mix of some sort who joined Archie in chasing Imogene as she fetched her tennis ball. The park wasn't especially busy, but the dogs there were friendly and full of energy.


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