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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Avo nearly dragged me into the creek with how hard they pulled as we walked down the bank, even though we paused several times to regroup and calm down. Dylan followed in immediately after them, but without pulling so hard at his leash. Griff and Sputnik also got in for a soak, while Ruffers stuck to the shallows at the water's edge. Racer snatched some more mystery food from the sidewalk today.

Variety Pack

It was slightly cooler this afternoon with good cloud cover, and the pack headed to the Bear Creek Greenway. Archie was nuts for Rey. They had played a bit at the house, but Rey ignored him and stayed on the opposite side of me while we were walking. Carl got very worked up about someone walking with a stroller at Martin Park, and kept trying to run back over to them as we walked in the opposite direction. Milo, Imogene and Zoey were pretty mellow throughout the walk.

Rest in Peace, Mamacita

Mamacita passed away yesterday. She took a turn for the worse, having struggled lately with cancerous growths in her internal organs, and she was put to rest. She was a beloved pack member for the past 9 years. Her expressiveness and adventuresome, trouble-making spirit made her unforgettable. We will miss her so much.

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